The solution is always more Europe and not less. Edi Rama

And We Have Killed Him


Religiosity is on the decline throughout the West, and church attendance has never been lower. But can atheists ever hope to replace religious institutions with secular organizations?


War in Iraq and Syria


ISIL targeting civilians to 'avenge' loss of Tal Afar

Fighters from the Islamic State (ISIL) are indiscriminately targeting civilians to avenge for their loss of Tal Afar, the top United Nations political representative in Iraqi today said, condemning the latest attack in Baghdad.“Da’esh terrorists have shown absolute disregard for human life

Free world has to take care


Religious freedom is under attack

Religious persecution and intolerance remains far too prevalent. Almost 80 percent of the global population live with restrictions on or hostilities to limit their freedom of religion.

Secularizing the Catholic Church


Out of Service

Instead of following the Church into irrelevance, we should embrace a secular celebration of culture and the arts.

Scientific Atheism


Questioning the Questioners

Atheists celebrate scientific rationality. But even the most thorough experiment cannot resolve all mysteries about human existence.

Dogmatic Atheism


Dogmatic Twins

Atheism and religion are inextricably bound to each other: The strength of one is the strength of the other.

Political Atheism


One Nation, Without God

Atheism can’t and won’t replace religious rituals. But that’s not what most atheists want anyway.

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