America is just a utopia of Europe that has succeeded. Jacques Attali



Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.


After the elections in Greece: Hopes on Tsipras


A new Volkspartei

After his overwhelming success, the big question is how good a diplomat Mr. Tsipras is.

Greek elections and Syriza's role for Europe


Bad romance?

This Sunday the Greek electorate will cast its vote hoping to elect a government that will take the country out of a crisis that has lasted too long, has cut too deep and has spread too far. The radical leftist party Syriza stands a good chance to win – in part because it is riding on the populist wave in Europe.

Why Greece needs to refuse further austerity


The Greek Tragedy

The Greek people must be bold enough to refuse any further austerity. Not only for their sake, but also for the sake of European democracy.

Elections and political turmoil in Greece


Close to the edge

Greece may sleepwalk itself out of the eurozone. With a general election looming large, all political parties are positioning themselves with empty promises and overheated rhetoric.

The Effects of Austerity


With Fists in Their Pockets

In Greece, news of a return to economic growth is more or less meaningless to those thoroughly affected and thoroughly angered. Politicians should focus on repairing people’s lives, not on GDP growth.

Austerity in Greece


A Shadow Of Its Former Self

Greek society has been radically transformed by years of austerity and cutbacks. It is now decaying before our eyes – and it’s pulling the country’s democratic system along into the abyss.

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