The city is a response to human needs. Norman Foster

The World In 100 Years


A century ago, the journalist Arthur Bremer assembled some of the most creative minds of his time to discuss the future a hundred years hence. Today, we are repeating the experiment. Join us on a journey into the 22nd century.


The Future of Diplomacy


Citizens Of The World

Technological progress is breaking down communicative and linguistic barriers. Diplomacy will cease to be conducted behind closed doors – tomorrow, we’re all ambassadors.

The Future of Economics


Zero-Growth Economics

The history of economics is a history towards abstraction. The future belongs to those who satisfy not only material needs but emotional desires and communal interests.

The Future of Conflict


Star Wars

The history of conflict is as old as the history of human civilization. Forget utopian hopes for a pacifist future – the 22nd century will still be marked by wars. But locations and actors will change.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence


Brave New Machines

Robots are here to stay. They will be smarter, more versatile, more autonomous, and more like us in many ways. We humans will need to adapt to keep up.

The Future of Sex


Dark And Dirty

The future looks gloomy. Sex will be moved from the bedroom to the laboratory, and each successive generation will have to fight for the survival of the human species.

The Future of Democracy


Rule Without Rulers

Democracy will be reborn. Instead of tying power to entrenched institutions and established rulers, a culture of participation will flourish a century from today. The future belongs to those who are willing to experiment.

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