Nation states no longer work. Benjamin R. Barber

Seeing is Believing


75 percent of Europeans are Christians, and 60 percent consider themselves religious. But what happens when two worlds collide, and science tries to explain what it means to believe and to pray?


Islamic Prayer Rituals


Flat Rate to Allah

Five daily prayers form the basis of Islamic life – even today, and even in the West

The Value of Prayer



Prayer: A friendly conversation, and an offer to unload the weight we carry through the world. Even if we can’t get an answer to questions of “Why?”, it is still worth asking.

Religion and Religiosity


On the Dual Nature of Man

Organized religions might be archaic, but faith is not. Cast in the middle of the material world, we remain deeply spiritual beings.

The Neuroscience of Prayer


It's a Brain Puzzle

When we look at prayer through the lens of neuroscience, we can make an interesting observation: Talking to God is not really different from talking to one’s friends and neighbors.

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