The fragmentation of power is irreversible. Parag Khanna

A Model, Or A Curse?


Sixty years after the beginnings of the European idea, the EU is in trouble. Debt and currency crises have eroded confidence into the European project while member states remain hesitant to transfer power to Brussels. Yet historically, crisis has always resulted in further integration.


Europe's Common Future


From Dream Into Nightmare

European politicians are willing to engage in evermore absurd policies to keep the EU intact. But what if it has served its purpose? What if the European Union is a product of postwar reconciliation that has now outlived its usefulness?



Alan Sked

The Decline of the EU


Europe's Disintegration Moment

European integration is no irreversible process. We are currently living through an existential crisis of the EU and European liberal democracies. And the more faith we lose in our common destiny, the quicker will the decline of the EU proceed.

A New European Narrative


Never Again, Not Even One Bit!

Across Europe, pundits demand a new narrative for the EU. But our foundations remain strong. We must only broaden our gaze: We used to say “never again” to the threat of war. Today, we say “never again” to the danger of debt.

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