The rules of the game are fixed by the rich for the rich. Thomas Pogge

Appeal To Reason


Man is a rational being in pursuit of personal interests – at least that is what classical economics teaches us. But policy-makers are increasingly using our irrational tendencies to nudge us into a certain direction.


Rationality and Human Emotion


The Economics of Caring

There’s something deeply flawed about an economic system that measures utility but not the attachments we feel to another person, or to one’s homeland.

Human Irrationality


What It Means to Be Rational

Don’t rely on economic analysis to learn about human rationality. If we want to build just and prosperous societies, we must look elsewhere for guidance.

Cheating in Online Courses


You Ain't Cheating, You Ain't Human

What can patterns of cheating in online courses tell us about man’s irrational inclinations?



Dan Ariely

European Behavioral Economics


Nudge the Crisis Away

In recent years, economic thinkers have embraced policies that “nudge” us into acting wisely. It’s time for European policy-makers to catch up.

The Legacy of Smith and Hayek


Free The Market

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design”, F.A. Hayek once wrote. We would be well-served to heed his call and reinvigorate the ideology of the free market.

The Limits of Reason


Control Yourself!

We tend to think of ourselves as rational actors – yet ultimately, we are very fallible creatures. We need regulation and restraint to overcome our irrational tendencies and to achieve better outcomes for ourselves and the world around us.



Dan Ariely
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