Politicians aren’t allowed to have visions. Guy Verhofstadt

The Global Game of Chess


The idea of a multipolar world has dominated international relations since the end of the Cold War. But is it still an accurate description? New developments have the potential to reshape the field of geopolitics. A look ahead, at the emergence of city-states, the rise of China and the precarious future of the transatlantic alliance.


Global Arms Trading


Passage to India

The US and Russia don’t agree on much – but they are both keen to develop a good relationship with India. How do we know? Look at the arms trade.

Power Politics in the Middle East


Setting the Rhythm, from Tehran

Iran is facing a historic opportunity to shift the balance of power in the Persian Gulf region. The regime in Tehran stands to benefit most from the unrest of 2011.

Russia's Global Prominence


Russia At The Crossroads

The age of collapsing empires seemed to be long over. Yet with the rapid disintegration of the European Union and the failure of Russia’s attempt to liberalize its crumbling empire, the discussion is not when – but how – we will face a new round of colossal geopolitical change.

UN Reform


The Three Evils of Global Governance

The high promises of the UN have remained unfulfilled: Instead of a global community, we see conferences for Heads of State and the proliferation of UN agencies. If the UN wants to remain relevant, Ban Ki-Moon might want to look to Brussels for guidance.



Pierre Calame

The Future of International Governance


Has the UN Become Obsolete?

The UN was never intended as an forum for global democracy. At its core, the United Nations are an aristocratic body – and will always remain that way. Instead of pressing for UN reform, the task is creating alternative institutions that can fulfill the promise of global democracy.

A Shift in US Foreign Policy


As the US Pivots toward Asia, Europe Stumbles

The US is engaged in a strategic shift: President Obama has declared that in the future, more American attention and resources will be devoted to the Pacific region, rather than the Atlantic. Amidst an existential crisis, the EU must begin to find its own place in the Pacific century.

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