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Global Catastrophic Risks


Apocalypse No

For millennia, man has been fascinated by the idea of global apocalypse. We’re now able for the first time to develop preventive and defense technologies against some of the most destructive natural threats.

Glyphosat: the Commission, a mere sekretariat!

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In the European Commission, they like having the power but not the responsibility. They like pressure even less. As NGOs and certain journalists go after glyphosate, the Commission is muddling through and passing the buck to the Member States without any hesitation.

by Daniel Guéguen

Against the Tide

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Even the most advanced technology cannot compete with nature when it comes to tsunami defense. Our best hope: preserve coastal forests, and run for the hills.

by Bill McGuire

The Aftermath of Ebola


Calm after the Storm?

The West’s response in the fight against Ebola was sluggish at best. What lessons need to be learned in order to prevent such crises and help the countries that have been most affected by the virus?

Prevention is better than cure

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Whether delayed response, lack of infrastructure, or government corruption is to blame for Ebola’s death toll, one thing is sure: we cannot simply wait for the next outbreak.

by Kadryn Kadasia

Hard Lessons

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The sluggish response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa shows the same fundamental flaws as the global response to HIV in the 1980s.

by Deborah Anderson

Recovery Starts Now

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Even after the last cases of Ebola are reported in West Africa, the epidemic will have a lasting impact on the fragile economies of the countries worst affected. Investing in recovery now is the best way to avoid another health crisis in West Africa.

by Abdoulaye Mar Dieye

The desire to optimize the body


Every body

Too thin, too big, too tall, too small: we are permanently trying to transform our bodies. But corporeal improvement doesn’t equal happiness.

Superheroes XXL

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For defying our terrible health norms, fat people are actually heroes – which tells us a lot about our society.

by Robert Gugutzer

Battle of the bodies

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Our bodies are complex, the systems which oppress them are many – and they can’t be wholly escaped.

by Jennifer Copeland

The Future of International Climate Politics


The Tide is High

What future for International Climate Politics? While sea levels rise, nations dispute over how to avoid the pending climate calamity. But will it be enough to simply reduce emissions, or should we start to consider the alternatives?

No Time to Waste

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The climate crisis will not stop at the American border. Luckily, we have the means to end it once and for all – but we must act fast.

by Al Gore

Plan B

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While the “pay now or pay more later” logic may not appeal to the “climate justice” sentiments voiced at the last climate summit, it could help to motivate the actions needed to satisfy its goals.

by Steven Vanderheiden

Do the Right Thing !

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Ignoring the history of emissions would be a mistake. But allowing economic concerns to swamp moral ones is an even bigger one.

by James Garvey

Down The Road

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By searching for climate governance only in the international arena, we risk missing the signs that can lead us in new, and potentially much more productive, directions.

by Harriet Bulkeley

Building Future Smart Cities


Smart City Life

More and more people live in urban areas and cities are still the prime catalysts of national economic well-being. Building new and efficient cities has therefore become one of the crucial challenges of any government. We want to debate how these new “smart cities” should look like and function.

The sense-able city

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We don’t need to build new cities – a simple reboot of the existing ones will do. An account of human sensors and smart trash:

by Carlo Ratti


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Building new, efficient and successful cities is the 21st century’s Space Race. There are no ready-made solutions for “smart cities”, but a lot to be learned from our past mistakes. Three easy steps for a smart urban future:

by Anthony Townsend

Energy Transition


A Place Under the Sun

Energie transition is a costly business. Not every country can afford to shut down its nuclear plants, as Germany has done after Fukushima. Experts from different countries look towards a sustainable future.

The World Needs More Energiewende

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Germany should do what it does best: Take a great product, and start exporting it. The country’s ambitious approach to sustainable energy is ready for international adoption.

by Jennifer Morgan

A Secret Success Story

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Germany’s energy transition is already a success story. If only the rest of the world paid attention.

by Chris Nelder

Your Fears Destroy Our Planet

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Germany’s irrational fears about nuclear energy have led to a resurgence of coal as an energy source. The cost of short-sighted policies: Long-term climate change.

by John Rhys

A Nuclear Island

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Fukushima produced very different reactions around the world. While Germany has abandoned nuclear power, Japan is slowing embracing it again.

by Mitsuru Obe
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