We can no longer trust Mr. Putin. Andrius Kubilius


Austerity in Europe



Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.

EU CO2 standards for trucks: Industry express serious concerns

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The EU-Parliament and the Council reached a provisional deal on new CO2 emission targets for heavy-duty vehicles. Until 2030 emissions from new trucks have to be 30 % lower compared to 2019 emission level. The EU said it is an opportunity for the manufactures to embrace innovation. For the industry, these targets by the EU are too demanding and the baseline for the targets is still unknown.

by Alexandre Kintzinger

Less free market, more political creation

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Recently I read two seemingly contradictory ‘letters to the editor’ in a daily paper, I frequent regularly: “We always claimed that the boom of the East is really happening in the West,” a citizen from Wittstock in Brandenburg wrote. A reader from a city in North-Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, criticized my party DIE LINKE for a “policy which focuses too strongly on the Eastern Germany.”

by Dietmar Bartsch

Has Globalization peaked?


Growing Smaller

With political nationalism and economic protectionism on the rise, it is time to ask: Has globalization reached its peak and will we witness a retreat behind national borders?

Can the Stock Market Triple by 2026?

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Thirty years ago, on Monday, October 19, 1987, the US Stock market collapsed. Plunging more than 500 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the day down 23%, its greatest single day decline ever. Black Monday – as the day was quickly dubbed by financial journalists — was a significant and sobering event.

by James Dilworth

Transforming education in the digital age

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Digitization’s impact on learning is comparable only to the changes wrought by the printing press and compulsory education

by Jörg Dräger

The globalization of suffering

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Pictures of suffering and dying are spread in real time; globalization has thereby reached the most intimate sphere of human life.

by Iavor Rangelov

Before the collapse

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The latest protests against the globalization are of a new quality: The managers are getting nervous – and rightly so.

by Harold James

The Great TTIP Debate


Transatlantic Trade and Investment Panic?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would secure Euro-American trade dominance. Or bring about Europe’s neoliberal demise, depending on whom you ask.

TTIP-toeing towards low life quality

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This July the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) completes three years of existence and its biggest wish is to become a reality. Angela Merkel is strongly in favor of the treaty and Barack Obama putting it as a priority. But the only thing Europeans should celebrate about the three-year birthday is the TTIP still did not reach an agreement from all partners involved.

by Robert Born

Raising the Rhetoric

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The debate in Europe surrounding TTIP relies on faulty critique on one side, and unsubstantiated promises on the other. Citizens on both sides of the Atlantic deserve better.

by Jocelyn Lequesne

Introducing the Next Transatlantic Chapter

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TTIP is more than a trade deal. It’s an opportunity to cement the Euro-Atlantic geopolitical alliance and restore faith in the Western model of market economies.

by Jacob Schrot

Austerity or Stimulus: Which way to go?


Sovereign Doubt Crisis

Five years after the outbreak of the Eurozone crisis, the economy is picking up only slowly. Stagnating growth rates and the specter of a further recession are looming large. Many experts see no other way out of this quagmire than to capitalize on the low interest rates and borrow more money. But is borrowing the best option on the table?

How to fix the machine

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Lessons from leadership: Is economic conservatism the path to follow?

by Camilla Perfetti

Fixing the Eurozone

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The fact that key economies are currently saving instead of borrowing shows how detached the euro zone has become from the wisdom of conventional economics. Yet there is hope.

by Richard Koo

Backing the wrong horse

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The solution to ease mass unemployment is at hand, but policymakers across Europe are too blind to see it.

by Ekkehard Ernst

The wrong medicine

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The Eurozone’s remedies against sluggish growth rates aren’t working. The problem: a misdiagnosis of the illness.

by Paul De Grauwe

The Future of International Climate Politics


The Tide is High

What future for International Climate Politics? While sea levels rise, nations dispute over how to avoid the pending climate calamity. But will it be enough to simply reduce emissions, or should we start to consider the alternatives?

No Time to Waste

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The climate crisis will not stop at the American border. Luckily, we have the means to end it once and for all – but we must act fast.

by Al Gore

Plan B

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While the “pay now or pay more later” logic may not appeal to the “climate justice” sentiments voiced at the last climate summit, it could help to motivate the actions needed to satisfy its goals.

by Steven Vanderheiden

Do the Right Thing !

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Ignoring the history of emissions would be a mistake. But allowing economic concerns to swamp moral ones is an even bigger one.

by James Garvey

Down The Road

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By searching for climate governance only in the international arena, we risk missing the signs that can lead us in new, and potentially much more productive, directions.

by Harriet Bulkeley

Building Future Smart Cities


Smart City Life

More and more people live in urban areas and cities are still the prime catalysts of national economic well-being. Building new and efficient cities has therefore become one of the crucial challenges of any government. We want to debate how these new “smart cities” should look like and function.

The sense-able city

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We don’t need to build new cities – a simple reboot of the existing ones will do. An account of human sensors and smart trash:

by Carlo Ratti


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Building new, efficient and successful cities is the 21st century’s Space Race. There are no ready-made solutions for “smart cities”, but a lot to be learned from our past mistakes. Three easy steps for a smart urban future:

by Anthony Townsend
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