The artist is a free human being. Marina Abramović


Jörg Friedrich



Where do facts come from? How can we decide whether something is true, or right, or good? Jörg Friedrich writes about the intersection of science, philosophy, and public policy.

The future of Europe‘s political map

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A reorganization of political structures at the level of national cultural identities doesn’t necessarily mean separatism for Europe.


Back to the future

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If a time traveler from the 1950s came to visit us today, he wouldn’t be impressed by our so-called technological innovations: they would be all too familiar to him.


Bjørn Lomborg


“Do Good” instead of “Feel Good”

Bjørn Lomborg questions the conventional environmental argumentation and highlights alternative paths to an ecological wellbeing. The former Greenpeace member refuses to accept the pessimistic outlook on climate change and suggests that we’ve got the technological abilities to turn the ship around. Improving the lives of the people in the Third World, through optimizing financial aid and funding, will have to go hand in hand with the fight against climate change.

Dead wrong

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Worries about global food shortages are nothing more than apocalyptic scenarios. Instead of panic mongering, we should make cheaper food more widely available to those who need it.


Cross the Street!

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Caution is great as a political sledgehammer. Carefully formulated, you can ban anything. But this is unreasonable. Here’s what politics should learn from kids crossing the street for ice cream.


Don’t hold your breath

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We shouldn’t expect much from the upcoming climate talks in Warsaw. Instead of clinging to illusions of a globally binding agreement, we should consider the alternatives.


Free Trade Unchained

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Fostering free trade means fostering a better tomorrow. No other policy can generate more prosperity and development throughout the world. But politicians remain stubborn and keep on wasting precious funds.

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