Robots help us understand human nature. Hiroshi Ishiguro


Juliane Mendelsohn


On the Verge

Dear Mr Fukuyama, I have a problem with the fact that history has ended…
This column looks at the state of the European Dream and the law, politics and ideology of a post-2008 world.

Three creditors and a joker

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The game being played around the Greek crisis lays bare the failings of an entire political class.


On Risks and Wrongs

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Calculatung risks, we really only have three options: mitigate, eradicate, accept. But what to choose when it comes to the incredibly tragic risk of a depressed pilot?


Riva-Melissa Tez


How Not to Die 101

The journal of one philosopher’s attempt to safeguard the world from mimetic belief.

Thinking about Love

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How can you say “I love you“ if you don’t even know yourself?


Thinking inside the box

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We would do better for the world spreading critical reasoning tools and mechanisms than raising endless sums of capital to be fluttered around.


The unnecessary evil

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What if your inaction is to blame for the death of your loved ones?


A thing of beauty

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Why we find beauty where we least expect it.


Stefano Casertano


As the Romans do

Rome is not just that place around the Vatican City. It’s also the eye of the storm in the midst of the eurocrisis. Emerging from some obscure twenty years of Berlusconi, hit by the longest period of stagnation in Europe – like it or not, Italy is where the destiny of the common currency is being decided. “St. Peter’s Version” explains what is moving in and around the Eternal City – and how what happens in Rome will affect Europe as a whole.

Pension Panic

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The battle in Italy over the revaluation of pensions has made the country’s tricky financial situation worse. Could the resulting climate drive Italy to follow Greece away from the euro?


A New Italy?

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Italy’s government is celebrating the country’s recent economic growth, but not all indicators point to success. What happens in the future will depend on how solidly Renzi can prevent the “Berlusconization” of today’s political culture in Italy.


Just How Stable Is Mr. Renzi?

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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is bringing stability to Italy with his grand coalition and electoral reforms. But how long will it last?


The Elephant in the Room

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Lamentations about the state of the Italian economy have become so commonplace, Italians barely react to them. But Italy’s public debt problem has proven big enough to make a splash.


Nikolas Papageorgiou


Thinking Europe

There is no place like Europe: a single market, a common citizenship and a whole lot of muddling through. This column is dedicated to the world´s laboratory for accumulating sovereignty – and to the continent where politicians’ ability to create problems often outstrips their ability to solve them.

The unspectacular Union

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From lobbyists to toasters: Why the EU is not as evil, opaque, or important as we think.


Ilyas Saliba


Tales of Arabian Nights and Days

A column on politics and societies in the Middle-East. Featuring stories from the region and comments on current political developments in the post-Arab-Spring context. The upcoming contributions in this column will look closer at specific developments and countries in the region.

Arab autumn

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Four years after the uprisings that swept across the Arab world, we are left with consolidated dictatorship, outright civil war or failed states.


Picking up the pieces

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What is the legacy of the Arab Spring?


Dessislava Kirova


This is Water

Two young fish swim along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way. The older fish nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” The two young fish swim on for a bit, eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes “What the hell is water?” – A column on the slightly intangible textures of our lifes and societies: culture, history, identity, politics and philosophy.

There to stay

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Austria’s new Islam Law is controversial, especially when it comes to cutting Muslim communities off from foreign payments. Now Muslims in Austria have to make a choice.


A New Chapter in German Identity

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70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz we experience a change of perspective in Germany – towards the future. It is an offer to the current generation that includes so many with immigrant backgrounds.


The question

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The tendency to classify people according to their origins turns a seemingly innocent question into an offensive remark.


Freezing Progress

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Social freezing does not empower women, it postpones the question of family and gender equality.

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