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An overwhelming month

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Our plans for the future of this format.


The transforming human

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Evolutionary theory has a major dictum: That humans won’t stay how they used to be.


Justin McDonnell


Mixed Fortune

Justin McDonnell monitors Asia’s explosive transformation and seeks to offer a bracing view of a continental shift. This column examines the political, economic, social and security developments in the region.

The Long Shadow

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Mao’s spirit influences Chinese politics to this day and the power struggle for his legacy is still raging.


Stefano Casertano


Planet of the Apes

“But the attainment of peace is not as easy as the desire for it. […] Those ages which in retrospect seem most peaceful were least in search of peace. Those whose quest for it seems unending appear least able to achieve tranquillity.” Henry Kissinger, 1954

Steady as she goes

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Merkel will probably succeed to stay on course but Italians prefer to focus on a sunken ship. This tells a lot about the boring German election campaign and Mediterranean disinterest.


Calling Russia's Bluff

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A congressional rejection of the military intervention in Syria will give Obama the right excuse to avoid military action and to accomplish his mission: calling the Russian bluff with a bluff.


Cheap and Cheerless

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Exports are considered to be the driving force in booming economies. Yet, by focusing too much on growth from outside, economies neglect their most important market: the domestic one.


Face the Music

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The current crisis is driving a wedge between Germans and Italians. Newspapers are filled with reciprocal accusations and criticism, and the gap between the two countries is getting wider and wider. Time to focus on a powerful commonality: Music.





Newconomy is a weekly column for and about the start-up industry. Its focus is the intersection between new and old economies, and between politics and entrepreneurialism. “Newconomy” is sponsored by “Factory”, Berlin’s new start-up hub.

The Ultimate Playlist

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The start-up experience, compressed into eight songs.


School's Out

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“Never stop learning.” It’s one of the few mantras that remains unequivocally true.


When You Really Live in the Valley

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The gloves are off in the start-up industry’s fight for the brightest minds. And a new controversy has erupted between the tech communities in Berlin and Silicon Valley.


Roadmap for Speed

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In Germany, the state has taken responsibility for increasing broadband coverage throughout the country.


Kyle Chan



New perspectives on economic debates and the financial system. No statistics knowledge required.

On Tuesday, A Day For Nation Building

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The American people are not just electing a president and an economic platform; they are determining and defining the very character of their society.


To Regulate, Or Not

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The ideological debate over regulation misses the point: it’s not a question of more or less, but of good regulatory designs. The London bus system provides an instructive example.


Are They Worth It?

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The question of whether the Olympics are worth it is meaningless unless we ask: to whom?


A Perfect Break Point

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Regulators and politicians missed a crucial opportunity for structural change after the financial crisis, but banks continue to serve up new scandals and chances for reform. Will we finally act this time?


Bodo Herzog


Financial Playground

Two economists, five opinions. Economics breeds complexity, complexity breeds disagreement. And amidst a deepening debt crisis, Bodo Herzog tries to make sense of it all.

The False Appeal of Central Banks

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We cannot rely on central banks to carry us through the Eurozone crisis.


Why Rules Must Rule Again

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If the Eurozone is to be saved, policy-makers must embrace a strict framework of consistent and enforceable rules.


Fair Play

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The Eurozone cannot prosper without respect for the rules and restrictions of the common currency framework. We need a strong referee – and the European Central Bank can fill that role.


No Pain, No Gain

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The economic rationale of the current crisis is remarkably simple: Without fiscal stability, there will be no economic growth.

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