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Christian Schnee

Christian Schnee

Christian Schnee served Germany’s Christian Democratic Party both in opposition and government as media spokesperson and subsequently headed the political communications unit for the international think tank Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Currently, he holds a position as senior lecturer in Public Relations at the University of Greenwich in London. His latest book Political Reputation Management: The strategy myth, published in 2015 by Routledge, addresses issues of political marketing.

Last updated on 18.04.2016


Passing the Columbo test


The secret to winning elections and becoming US President

The rationale that explains the popularity and longevity of fictional characters such as detective Columbo also helps predict election outcomes and forecast the likely winner in the race for the White House


German politics in the refugee crisis


Why the refugee crisis may sweep Angela Merkel to a 4th election victory

Does the refugee crisis spell doom for Merkel and usher in the end of her chancellorship? Not necessarily. After a decade in the job she shows remarkably little signs of fatigue and there is no reason either to believe she is daunted by the intensity of opposition her controversial migration policy has been incurring. Nor does a growing amount of personal defamation seem to sap her determination.

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