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Belabbes Benkredda

Belabbes Benkredda

Belabbes Benkredda studied International Relations, Law and Middle East Politics in Frankfurt and Exeter. He worked for the Federal Foreign Office of Germany in Berlin, the Council for Arab-British Understanding in London, and for Zenith Magazine in various cities in the Middle East. Living in Dubai since 2005, he is a government consultant with bridge:media, a frequent contributor to regional media and the founder of the online debating project DubaiDebates
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Last updated on 26.11.2012


50 Years of Algerian Independence


Independence - An Elusive Dream

Algeria illustrates the long and hard path towards democracy: 50 years after gaining independence, the country is marked by corruption, social injustice, and foreign domination.


The Rise of Wael Ghonim


A Tale Of The Lone Hero

During the Egyptian revolution, Wael Ghonim shot to instant fame. One of the creators of the “We are all Khalid Said” Facebook page, he was imprisoned by the regime – and returned as one of the most visible faces of the revolution. But his individual fame belies an important face: This was a revolution of the masses. The hype around Wael Ghonim remains questionable.

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