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Attila Mong

Attila Mong

Attila Mong is an Hungarian journalist at the news-site Origo.hu. Until May 2011 he worked for the Hungarian Rádió and was suspended for four months from his post as host of the daily 3-hour morning show of the Hungarian Public Radio (Mr1-Kossuth) after he protested against the controversial media law by holding one minute of silence in his live program. Mong also hosted a daily evening political talk-show at Inforadio, Hungary’s only 24-hour private newsradio station. Previously he was editor-in-chief at Manager Magazin (2005-2007) and also worked for various broadcast and print outlets in Hungary.

Last updated on 26.11.2012


  • Hungary’s government is cracking down on the free media. Prime minister Orban has offered his citizens a deal: Give me your liberties in exchange for a better life. Yet if this seems like a bargain to some, they are mistaken. No democracy can function without a free press – and already self-censorship is returning to Hungary.

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