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Asit Biswas

Asit Biswas

Asit Biswas is a former member of the World Commission on Water, a founder of the World Water Council, of the Third World Centre for Water Management and of the Club of Tokyo. He has received numerous prizes for his work, including the Spanish Aragon Environment Prize, the Stockholm Water Prize and the highest awards of the International Water Resources Association. Biswas teaches in Singapore and India.

Last updated on 12.03.2015
„This Planet Can Support Nine Billion People.“
Asit Biswas


Water Privatization in England


The Boiling Point

England’s water consumers are being ripped off. High leakage rates and the privatization of the water supply have provoked a price explosion. Time to bring the water supply back into public hands.


Private and Public Utilities


Twenty Years of Dogma

Some of the world’s best water companies are public – and so are some of the worst. The public-private debate is driven by ideology and emotion, not by sane reasoning.


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