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An overwhelming month

Our plans for the future of this format.

Dear readers,

for one month, we have been publishing “Zeitgeist”, a new thought for the day each morning. We heard lots of your feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive. So were the opening rates of this newsletter. Today, we want to say thanks for your readership – we know that all of you have lots to read and even more to do each day, so it has been an honor to receive your attention.

This also motivates us to take this successful format one step further. What you haven’t been able to see was the workload behind this column: It is not only written but also proofread and translated. Which in turn means that we are spending a lot of time to make sure it gets published each morning. We want to continue doing it, but will first take a hiatus to rethink the format’s structure and how to make it even more appealing to advertising clients.

It has been a great pleasure to hear about your interest in the Zeitgeist. For now, we wish you and your families a Happy Easter and hope for your continued readership.

With kind regards,

Alexander Görlach

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