The surveillance economy has replaced the free economy. Andrew Keen

Alan Sked

Alan Sked

Alan Sked is Professor of International History at the London School of Economics, where he has spent all his professional life after receiving his doctorate at Oxford. His studies focus on modern European, American and British history. Sked also works as an author and consultant at the BBC. He is the founder of the UK Independence Party, which he led from 1993-1997. He was born in Scotland but lives in London.

Last updated on 17.12.2012


Great Britain and the EU


A Crumbling Union

A referendum on Britain’s EU membership is likely. And if the country secedes, others could soon follow its example.


Europe's Common Future


From Dream Into Nightmare

European politicians are willing to engage in evermore absurd policies to keep the EU intact. But what if it has served its purpose? What if the European Union is a product of postwar reconciliation that has now outlived its usefulness?


  • Europe is in decline, its international influence is constantly shrinking. At home, its democratic promises have remained unfulfilled. The EU has developed into a behemoth that is ruled from Brussels without much oversight or participation. If Europe wants to remain an important player, it needs to reconsider its ways.

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