Politicians aren’t allowed to have visions. Guy Verhofstadt

The Polish Political Stage


Left to Their Own Devices


The result of the presidential election has given half the country a massive hangover. With the parliamentary elections only five months away, the tectonic plates across the Polish political stage are in motion again. read more

Robespierre and Charlie Hebdo


Je Suis Robespierre


This year’s terror attacks in Paris have resurrected public discourse old French ideas: _liberté_, _égalité_, and _fraternité_. Following the anniversary of Robespierre’s birth, Karthick Ram Manoharan revisits his ideas in contemporary context. read more

Assassinations in Mozambique


Je Suis Cistac


The assassination of Mozambique’s Gilles Cistac is the latest in a series of politically motivated murders. It highlights the need for better free speech protections in a country that receives nearly half a billion dollars in foreign aid. read more

Checks and Balances for the Financial Industry


Is There a Check to Financial Capitalism?


A system of checks and balances is vital in a healthy democracy. Does the lack of checks in global financial capitalism threaten it? read more

Michael Cockerell on Inside the Commons


Inside the Commons


For his new documentary series “Inside the Commons”, journalist Michael Cockerell was granted unprecedented, unrestricted access to film day-to-day activity in the House of Commons. Here's what he saw. read more

Art and Culture in Dubai


Intersections in Dubai


Art Dubai has become a globally important art event in less than a decade. Its success depends on Dubai’s intersection of cultures. read more

The Stasi legacy and its impact on modern surveillance


Lessons from the Stasi


Exactly 25 years ago, the notorious East German Ministry for State Security, or Stasi as it came to be known, was shut down. But it’s legacy still lingers on. read more

Argentina’s Economic Decline


Viva la competencia


Argentina was once the economic pride of the southern hemisphere. There is barely anything left after a half-century of misrule. Europe can (and must) learn from this cautionary tale. read more

How Europe can prevent Islamic Radicalism


Beyond the blame game


Fighting Islamophobic prejudices will not only benefit European Muslims but first and foremost non-Muslim Europeans. read more

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