Mohamed ElBaradei’s vision for a peaceful world


Change we should believe in


A peaceful world may be a utopist thought but one worth believing in. If we give up hope, all is lost. read more

Paris’ cultural heyday and decay


Paradise Lost?


As tourism booms, France’s City of Light is no longer the literary and artistic mecca it once was. read more

German-American gridlock over spying scandal


Don’t be naïve


Germans are upset about the newest revelations in the spying scandal. But there is just one way they can actually change American behavior – and it isn't possible on their own. read more

ISIS and the return of terror in Iraq


Down to Earth: Return to Mosul


For millions of Iraqis the idea of a peaceful homeland is becoming more and more of a distant dream. BBC’s Yalda Hakim shares a story of ordinary people, who were trying to escape the horrors of daily life. read more

Why lobbying hinders European development


The End of Lobbying


The German export lobby, the British finance lobby and the French energy lobby hinder problem solving in the EU. The continent has only one chance: the subordination of these interests. read more

Analysis of the European elections result


”Neither Juncker nor Schulz”


Zeinab Badawi covered the European elections for the BBC last weekend. She talked to "The European" about why the populist threat is exaggerated, what politicians must learn about voters, and why neither Jean-Claude Juncker nor Martin Schulz will be the next president of the European Commission. read more

The perils of modern democracy


A long year in politics


We don’t need more democracy; we just need a better version of it. The next year will give us Britons enough time to work on it. read more

Energy Independence and Global Power


Current Affairs


Green energy is the key to global power, but most states are still backing the wrong horse. read more

China’s military power


China’s new model army


The Chinese army needs restructuring if it wants to live up to its dreams of military hegemony. In this undertaking, the country has found two unexpected partners. read more

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