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The End of Morsi's Rule

The Road to Collapse

Following Morsi’s ouster, Egypt is once again on a knife-edge. While it is yet unforeseeable how the country can overcome the current state of crisis, it is quite clear how it got itself into it in the first place.

by Mai Shams El-Din 07.07.2013



How resistance makes us human

On Paths of Great Resistance

Resistance is part of our human nature. Without it, we would not be alive.

by Yara Zgheib 23.04.2015



50 entertaining questions to think about

The digital Revolution in Europe

50 entertaining questions about the digital Revolution in Europe.

by Oliver Schmidt 16.01.2016



Four years after the Arab revolutions

Arab autumn

Four years after the uprisings that swept across the Arab world, we are left with consolidated dictatorship, outright civil war or failed states.

by Ilyas Saliba 19.03.2015



Dayna Ayash as Person of the Year 2014

Creating beauty from anger and despair

Why Dayna Ash should have been “Person of the Year” 2014.

by Carolin Dylla 17.12.2014



The relationship between arts and politics

On Art and War

Art cannot be defined, regulated, or homogenized. It is a testimony to the history that precedes it, the environment that molds it, and the events that inspire it.

by Yara Zgheib 26.03.2015

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