The rules of the game are fixed by the rich for the rich. Thomas Pogge

Dietmar Bartsch

Dietmar Bartsch

Dietmar Bartsch was born in 1958, studied political economy in Berlin and earned a Doctorate degree in Moscow. Since 2015 he is leading the faction of DIE LINKE, THE LEFT with Sahra Wagenknecht in the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

Last updated on 09.01.2017


Having a myriad of children is becoming a risk


Impoverished Living in a Wealthy Nation

The German teacher Friedrich Froebel founded an educational establishment in the East-German Keilhau, Thuringia, about two hundred years ago. His credo at the time: “Children shall not be safeguarded or indoctrinated, but shall happily grow in the sunlight, gain strength and develop.” And 200 years later? Well, today we can hardly ignore the encompassing concern of society for our offspring.


Politics in Germany


We Can Not Afford More of The Same!

“The residents of the East German village Unterleuten didn’t read the papers, didn’t watch TV, didn’t use the World Wide Web. Politicians didn’t pay attention to Unterleuten – why would Unterleuten pay attention to politics? The village was missing stores, doctors, clergymen, the postal service, a pharmacy, as well as a school – it didn’t have sewerage either.” Juli Zeh hereby hits the bull’s eye.

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