The Inbetweeners


While the London Olympics get underway, several sports are fighting for inclusion in the Olympic calender in 2020.


Why Ultimate Should Be in the Olympics


Fit, Fast, Fun

Ultimate Frisbee is played competitively in more than 75 countries worldwide. Its fast-paced nature and laid-back attitude make it a good candidate for the next Olympic Games and a prime example for the spirit of Olympism.

Why Tug of War Should Be an Olympic Sport


Pull for Gold

For twenty years, tug of war bathed in Olympic glory. But since 1920, the sport has drifted into obscurity. It's time for a revitalization.

Why Table Soccer Should Be an Olympic Sport


Tables of Glory

Table soccer is one of the world’s most popular leisurely sports. So why isn’t it part of the Olympics?

Why Squash Should Be An Olympic Sport


Racket Magic

Squash has come a long way. Today, with a global audience and technical innovations, the sport is destined to ascend to Olympic status by 2020.

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