Asian Fusion


Germany, Canada, Turkey - they are all hedging their bets on China's economic might. But the combination of Western capitalism and homegrown party politics is showing cracks. As China prospers, it must address endemic corruption, inequalities and the thorny question of human rights.


Chinese Growth and Power


The Janus-Faced Giant

China's growing international power has done little to improve the situation for domestic minorities and dissenters. The West must insist that China meets not only international economic standards, but good governance standards as well.

Dissidence and Human Rights in China


The Dark Side of Prosperity

China's rise should not blind us to the darker sides of the country's political culture. Dissidents like Ai Weiwei and Ni Yulan continue to face detention and repression for defending the civic and political rights of others.

Corruption in China


Dragon Down

China's might is undermined by infighting and corruption. Unless the Communist Party engages in serious house-cleaning, we will soon see the end of the Chinese success story.

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