Comedy is not the opposite of seriousness. David Shrigley

America's Insomnia


The presidential election highlights social divergencies within the United States. As the middle class evaporates, pragmatism becomes the law of the lands. But what will hold America together in the years to come?


Inequality in America


The Anger Is Growing

Deep cultural faults run through America. The “greatest generation” and the baby boomers are dying – and we’re back to a situation that only the elderly can remember.

Inequality in America


Don't Bury the Middle Class

Americans are worried; they feel insecure about their socioeconomic status and the future of the country. But the middle class is far from dead.

Natural and Forced Inequality


A Different Kind of Exploitation

A country’s decline begins only when initiative and excellence are no longer valued by society. The US middle class is not exploited by the free market but by the rhetoric of redistribution and fairness that has taken hold in America.

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