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A Model, Or A Curse?


Sixty years after the beginnings of the European idea, the EU is in trouble. Debt and currency crises have eroded confidence into the European project while member states remain hesitant to transfer power to Brussels. Yet historically, crisis has always resulted in further integration.


Is the European Union destined to be elitist?


Chopping down the woods

The EU has not been created complex for complexity’s sake. But the painful truth of the European Union is that it might be exactly the complexity of its institutional structure that allows it to work.

The EU's Immigration Flaws


Dismantling the Fortress

The Syrian tragedy has exposed the shortcomings of the EU’s asylum policy. The newly agreed-upon rules will not help to cure the system’s birth defects. What the EU needs is real burden-sharing – or at least more competencies for the Commission.

The Decline of Europe's Identity


An Elusive Dream

While Americans have always rallied around their country in times of crisis, Europeans have abandoned the dream of a united Europe.

Europe's Geopolitical Impotence


Very Old World

European foreign policy in Syria has failed. Has Europe become powerless on the world stage?

A More Perfect Union


A More Perfect Union

Europe is more than the single market: It’s the promise of a new kind of political union. Unfortunately, the ruptures of globalization have rendered the successes of the EU invisible.

European Democracy


Staging Europe’s Great Debate

To build an ever closer union, Europeans might have to look across the Atlantic: in the United States, a genuine debate over the future direction of the country is still possible.

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