Starving For Food, Starving For Cash


A widespread famine is ravaging Eastern Africa. Yet increasing evidence points to the fact that such shortages are man-made. Political leaders use food as a lever while financial speculation drives up the prices of vital foodstuffs around the world.


A Human Tragedy


A World Without The Poor, Not Without Poverty

Half a million die every year from malnutrition. Yet the fate of the world is decided without giving the poor a voice. The result is enduring poverty. The affluent need to face up to the consequences of our actions.

The Famine Narrative


Drought Is No Excuse

We often causally equate drought with famine. Yet reality is more complex and more frustrating. Famine in the horn of Africa is largely fuelled by geopolitical interests in the region in collusion with inept local leaders out to control markets and natural resources.

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