The atmosphere should not be our waste dump. Ken Caldeira

Youthful Rebellion


The Spanish youth has taken to the streets – and they refuse to go home. Two weeks after the election, the tents have been removed by the protests continue. But the most important question is still without a definite answer: Can the Democracia Real Ya movement reshape Spanish politics?


Spanish Protests


Dreamers on the Puerta del Sol

The Spanish political system has been marked by dullness and corruption. Already, the protests have cracked the surface of stagnation. But a bigger question remains: Can the anger be channeled into concrete demands and sustainable change?

Democratic Discontent in Spain


We, The people

The conservative victory in Spain is no victory for the Partido Popular. While Zapatero has suffered from the economic downturn, both major parties are perceived as stagnant und unwilling to serve the people of Spain. It’s time for politicians to start listening.

Protests in Spain


The Wikirevolution Must Continue

The #spanishrevolution sent shockwaves through a political class that is both blind, alienated and increasingly self-absorbed. And it aspires to move its struggle for transparency and participation onto the international sphere.

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