Crisis in American Higher Education


The Leaning Ivory Tower

The price of admission in American Universities and the crippling student debt for those who can't pay only exacerbate the growing wealth inequality gap in The United States. What needs to be done to reverse the trends, and what are other countries and institutions doing right that could serve as models for reform?

Faded Glory

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American higher education has a great past, but will it have a great future? Not if we let neoliberal right-wingers decide.

by Keith Parsons

The Crisis is Real

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Higher education must serve the public good and not corporate interests. It's time for professors to work together to rescue the American Education System.

by Rudy Fichtenbaum

The Philosophical Salon


The Philosophical Salon

True to the tradition of public intellectual engagement, the Philosophical Salon is a place where contemporary thinkers can discuss current events and reflect on things that matter to us.

God, Charlie, No one

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The way we worship God turns him into a fetish, that is to say, a false god or an idol. This false god can become an instrument for all sorts of desires for power and domination.

by Jean-Luc Nancy

Austerity in Europe



Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.

Why Marxism fails in the Eurozone

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Yanis Varoufakis dubbed himself an “erratic Marxist” and presented his interpretation of Marx in detail. But his dialectical spirit is unlikely to succeed.

by Jasper Finkeldey

Lessons from the crisis

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We Europeans face a historic choice: either we further develop Europe as a single political entity, or we recede from the limelight.

by Andreas Moring

A new Volkspartei

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After his overwhelming success, the big question is how good a diplomat Mr. Tsipras is.

by Xenia Kounalaki

Bad romance?

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This Sunday the Greek electorate will cast its vote hoping to elect a government that will take the country out of a crisis that has lasted too long, has cut too deep and has spread too far. The radical leftist party Syriza stands a good chance to win – in part because it is riding on the populist wave in Europe.

by Alex Katsomitros

Great Britain and the EU


Not Amused

Great Britain and the EU are drifting apart. A majority of Britons now believes that EU membership has become a burden rather than a benefit. How much longer can the leadership at No.10 withstand the Eurosceptics?

From comedy to tragedy

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Cameron’s lack of activism nearly divided the United Kingdom. The 2017 referendum will present another crucial test – with consequences for the EU.

by Carl-Georg Luft

Cut the string!

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If we want to go from Little England back to being Great Britain, we must leave the EU. But it’s people like John Major and other fake Europhiles who keep us tied to a weak and crippling Union.

by Nigel Farage

Beyond complicated

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The UK-EU relationship is complex, but the reason for this complexity is simple: both sides have baggage – and not just a bit.

by Mark Briggs

Better off Inside

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It’s impossible to say what will happen between the UK and the rest of Europe. But it is possible to say what _should_ happen.

by Stephen Tindale

The Ukrainian crisis


The battlefield in Europe's front yard

It all began as an internal Ukrainian crisis in November 2013, when President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a deal for greater integration with the EU. Now it has turned into a war. How will it play out?

One man to rule them all?

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A failure to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty will feed the Kremlin’s appetite for military adventures and jeopardize the geostrategic stability of the European continent. Why are the EU's leaders unable to make a real stand against Putin?

by Alexander Stepanyan

Just a Paper Tiger

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Russia’s success in Ukraine is built not on strength but on camouflaging weaknesses. The fact that Western leaders are nevertheless shying away from intervening exposes their lack of military resolve.

by Franz-Stefan Gady

How far will he go?

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The West should prepare for everything – except for one thing.

by Mark Galeotti

The new sleepwalkers

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Russia cannot be allowed to dictate what happens in eastern Ukraine, but Western diplomats need to realize that pressure alone will not lead Putin to give in.

by Robert Jervis

Moving away from cold war era strategies


How to Weaken a Dictator

The historic opening of US-Cuban relations marks a major reversal of cold war era policies that maintained sanctions on undemocratic nations. Was it a misstep or long overdue, and will the US take a softer approach with rogue nations in the future?

The same tired arguments

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Despite his conservative critics, Obama's opening to Cuba is as significant as Nixon's opening to China in 1972. The arguments against this step forward just don't pass muster.

by William LeoGrande

Back to normal

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President Obama seeks to strengthen his historical legacy by reaching out to Cuba, but can he succeed where Presidents Ford and Carter have failed?

by Susan Purcell

A white rose for the Cuban people

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The U.S. embargo of Cuba is less a political issue than a humanitarian one. The Revolution is ending, and the U.S. must be present to help the Cuban people choose their future freely.

by Pedro Freyre
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