We have transcended our biology. Albert Bandura


Commemoration and Memorialization


How We Remember

Our nations and communities invest significantly in commemorating and memorializing the tragic events of our past. We hold events to mark anniversaries and erect physical monuments in our cities' most prominent locations. Why does honoring the past play such a great role our present, and how does this remembrance affect us?

Victims "Just Like Us"

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We live in an era that memorializes like none before and seek to create memorials that allow visitors to identify with victims of tragedy. But in portraying victims as just like us, are we paying enough heed to the political and cultural factors that led them to be victims to begin with?

by Paul Williams

Greeks in Glass Houses

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Given his focus on the atrocities of Germany’s past, Alexis Tsipras would do well to consider Greece’s own anti-Semitic history. After all, atoning for the past begins in one’s own backyard.

by Brigitte Sion

The Philosophical Salon


The Philosophical Salon

True to the tradition of public intellectual engagement, the Philosophical Salon is a place where contemporary thinkers can discuss today's crucial issues. In cooperation with our two columnists and editors of the Philosophical Salon, philosopher "Michael Marder":http://www.theeuropean-magazine.com/michael-marder and literary and cultural theorist "Patricia Vieira":http://www.theeuropean-magazine.com/patricia-vieira, The European bri <a href="/debates/620-the-philosophical-salon">continue...</a>

Philosophy as a Bloody Affair

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Philosophy is an intellectual pursuit, but it takes on a physical nature when philosophers die for their ideas.

by Costica Bradatan

Homo Europaeus: Does European Culture Exist?

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Today’s headlines may seem to underscore the cultural differences among European countries, but the emergence of a distinctly European contemporary culture is undeniable.

by Julia Kristeva

Is the Anthropocene Upon Us?

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We are in a new geological age, denoted by human beings’ impact on the earth. Does framing our present in this way demonstrate fatalist acceptance or mark us with remarkable hubris?

by Patrícia Vieira

Rescuing the Enlightenment from the Europeans

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The Enlightenment ideals of cosmopolitanism and hospitality are nowhere to be found in today’s European border policy. The escalating migrant crisis makes this clearer than ever.

by Nikita Dhawan

Great Britain and the EU


Not Amused

Great Britain and the EU are drifting apart. A majority of Britons now believes that EU membership has become a burden rather than a benefit. How much longer can the leadership at No.10 withstand the Eurosceptics?

Completely illusory

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Cameron’s European policy is grounded in a fantasy that will never play out. Instead, the UK may be headed for collapse.

by Polly Toynbee

With or without them

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The UK is not an obstacle to harmony and stability. It is the EU integrationists who generate economic and democratic instability.

by Bill Cash

From comedy to tragedy

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Cameron’s lack of activism nearly divided the United Kingdom. The 2017 referendum will present another crucial test – with consequences for the EU.

by Carl-Georg Luft

Cut the string!

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If we want to go from Little England back to being Great Britain, we must leave the EU. But it’s people like John Major and other fake Europhiles who keep us tied to a weak and crippling Union.

by Nigel Farage

Ferguson and America’s racial problems


An elusive dream

The shooting of Michael Brown has sparked widespread protest against police brutality and racial profiling. 50 years after the passing of the Civil Rights Act and 6 years after President Obama’s hopeful vision, Ferguson shows us quite plainly how little has been achieved when it comes to battling racial tensions.

Taking the fight beyond identity politics

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Ferguson shows what is needed: the rejection of both an identity politics based on anti-Western ressentiment and a shallow liberal multiculturalist tolerance.

by Karthick Ram Manoharan

The Divided States of America

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Brown and Garner are but two names in a long list of black men and women who have perished at the hands of police. These are not personal issues or isolated incidents: they are tragic reflections of a deeply broken system.

by John A. Powell

Too many white cops?

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Michael Brown's death was not just a tragedy, but also the final straw for a town fed up with racial discrimination by police. Rather than merely holding individual officers responsible, there needs to be a dramatic shift in police personnel to better reflect the diversity in our society.

by Jesse Van Mouwerik

Rooted in Reality

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The persistence of racial discrimination in America is only news to those of us who have never been on the receiving end. For many African-Americans and other minorities, it’s a pervasive reality.

by Martin Eiermann

Crisis in American Higher Education


The Leaning Ivory Tower

The price of admission in American Universities and the crippling student debt for those who can't pay only exacerbate the growing wealth inequality gap in The United States. What needs to be done to reverse the trends, and what are other countries and institutions doing right that could serve as models for reform?

Less is more

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The fact that more people are going to college is a big problem. What we need is more education alternatives and less college.

by Richard Vedder

Not that big a deal

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The rhetoric about rising student debt casts the spotlight on the wrong enemy.

by Philip Trostel

Faded Glory

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American higher education has a great past, but will it have a great future? Not if we let neoliberal right-wingers decide.

by Keith Parsons

The Crisis is Real

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Higher education must serve the public good and not corporate interests. It's time for professors to work together to rescue the American Education System.

by Rudy Fichtenbaum

Austerity in Europe



Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.

Why Marxism fails in the Eurozone

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Yanis Varoufakis dubbed himself an “erratic Marxist” and presented his interpretation of Marx in detail. But his dialectical spirit is unlikely to succeed.

by Jasper Finkeldey

Lessons from the crisis

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We Europeans face a historic choice: either we further develop Europe as a single political entity, or we recede from the limelight.

by Andreas Moring

A new Volkspartei

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After his overwhelming success, the big question is how good a diplomat Mr. Tsipras is.

by Xenia Kounalaki

Bad romance?

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This Sunday the Greek electorate will cast its vote hoping to elect a government that will take the country out of a crisis that has lasted too long, has cut too deep and has spread too far. The radical leftist party Syriza stands a good chance to win – in part because it is riding on the populist wave in Europe.

by Alex Katsomitros
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