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Power in the 21st Century


Who’s Got The Power?

Power is a fundamental resource of human interaction. Be it on the political level or on the societal level: power shapes our relations. But the nation-state is no longer the only game in town. New powers are rising and the global power balance is reaching a tipping point.

The digital Revolution in Europe

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50 entertaining questions about the digital Revolution in Europe.

by Oliver Schmidt

Project W

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In the face of thriving nationalism, terrorism and upcoming wars Europe and the US need to build a strong alliance – otherwise they will not only harm themselves but one another.

by Nils Heisterhagen

The Future of the EU


A Model, Or A Curse?

Sixty years after the beginnings of the European idea, the EU is in trouble. Debt and currency crises have eroded confidence into the European project while member states remain hesitant to transfer power to Brussels. Yet historically, crisis has always resulted in further integration.

Poland needs a clear signal from the EU

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The EU will have to take measures with respect to the new Polish government if it does not want to jeopardise the credibility of the European values. To send a clear signal to the new Polish government, it has to be willing to exploit the entire range of options under the rule-of-law mechanism and the procedure in accordance with Article 7 as well as to limit EU payments to Poland.

by Oliver Schmidt

2016 - The final countdown for the European Union

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The new law about the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, the lawsuits of the Hungarian and Slovak government about the relocation of refugees, the potential Brexit and Fixit, the ongoing Greek crisis and the presidential election in spring 2017 – it is obvious: the upcoming 18 months will determine whether the European Union we have known will survive.

by Oliver Schmidt

Chopping down the woods

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The EU has not been created complex for complexity’s sake. But the painful truth of the European Union is that it might be exactly the complexity of its institutional structure that allows it to work.

by Iveta Kazoka

Dismantling the Fortress

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The Syrian tragedy has exposed the shortcomings of the EU’s asylum policy. The newly agreed-upon rules will not help to cure the system’s birth defects. What the EU needs is real burden-sharing – or at least more competencies for the Commission.

by Kilian Spandler

European migrant crisis


Refugees welcome

European migrant crisis engages the european societies.

Is there such a thing as “the wrong Europe”?

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In a recent interview the associate director of Portugal´s border agency, Luis Gouveia, said that besides bureaucracy the difficulty in the resettlement of refugees is due to the fact that they don´t want to come to Portugal but to the Northern European countries like Germany or Sweden.

by Simone Duarte

The Philosophical Salon


The Philosophical Salon

True to the tradition of public intellectual engagement, the Philosophical Salon is a place where contemporary thinkers can discuss today’s crucial issues. In cooperation with our two columnists and editors of the Philosophical Salon, philosopher Michael Marder and literary and cultural theorist Patricia Vieira, The European brings you leading intellectuals from across the world and their reflections on things that matter to us all.

Being Human Matters

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How do we define what is human and what is not?

by Alice Crary

Deadly Hesitation

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The notion of the universality of human rights is morally undeniable. Why do we struggle to act on them?

by Michael Allen Gillespie

Veganism without Animal Rights

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In less than five minutes, we will show you that you are committed to veganism.

by Gary L. Francione

What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Zombies?

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A specter is haunting the academy—the specter of the undead.

by William Egginton

Austerity in Europe



Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.

Something to celebrate

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The possibility of a “Europe” worth dreaming of was saved, for sure. But Europe didn’t save itself. Greece took a bullet for the rest of us.

by Adam Donen

Why Marxism fails in the Eurozone

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Yanis Varoufakis dubbed himself an “erratic Marxist” and presented his interpretation of Marx in detail. But his dialectical spirit is unlikely to succeed.

by Jasper Finkeldey

Lessons from the crisis

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We Europeans face a historic choice: either we further develop Europe as a single political entity, or we recede from the limelight.

by Andreas Moring

A new Volkspartei

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After his overwhelming success, the big question is how good a diplomat Mr. Tsipras is.

by Xenia Kounalaki



Bits, not Bullets

Warfare is no longer relegated to the battlefield. Through hacker attacks, viruses and system shutdowns, nations around the globe are using the internet to spy on their enemies and launch attacks on their network infrastructure. We need an reform of the international legal system to address digital warfare.

Let's get it right!

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When it comes to cyber protections, Europe is a patchwork: Passing only national laws and lacking in cooperatin with the corporate sector, the EU members undermine their cybersecurity. It’s time to get it right.

by Thomas Boué

Virtual Threats to Real Oil

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One of the world’s most vital industries is virtually unguarded against digital attacks.

by Joseph Hammond

As likely as a visit from E.T.

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The idea of a coming cyberwar is nonsense. The attention given to the topic only distracts us from bigger issues. Instead of gambling on a future of electronic warfare, we must continue to develop conventional defense technologies.

by Myriam Dunn Cavelty

Anarchy on the Internet

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The terrifying consequence of the Wikileaks scandal is the zeal with which hackers from around the world have shut down websites of Wikileaks opponents. Without realizing it, we have reached the cusp of a new age of cyberwar.

by Manfred Messmer
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