If a state fails to protect its citizens, the International Community has to act. Madeleine Albright


Maximilian Stern


Democracy, updated

Moving from ancient Greece’s agoras to Silicon Valley’s incubators, our democracy could use some entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation. But twiddling the knobs of our society is neither straightforward nor without risk.

Internet Ergo Sum


The nation state is the single most important source of identification in our societies. The Internet is not the first to challenge its concept, but it’s probably the most successful.


Who runs the Internet?


The Internet as we know it has come under threat. As governments and large corporations poise themselves to take control, the question is: What can we as individual users do?


HiRes democracy


Instead of adapting our democracy to new circumstances and insights, we’re trying to organize it with the 1989 Game Boy because we use the 2014 iPad to watch cat videos.

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