Freshwater will be the new oil. Vint Cerf


Jesse Van Mouwerik


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Analyzing where foreign policy, social change, and popular culture overlap.

Unpopular Sovereignty – Part 2

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Our best hope for proper civic engagement is state sovereignty. But many confuse it with a dangerous sense of nationalism.


Unpopular Sovereignty – Part 1

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Nationhood, and the way we perceive it, is potentially the most controversial topic of the 21st century.


Alexander Görlach



Zeitgeist is your daily dose of thought from our Editor-in-chief, Dr. Dr. Alexander Görlach, delivered straight to your inbox. The concept is simple: one thought – at times amusing or poignant, but always relevant and sharp-penned. This column features all the texts published in the Zeitgeist Newsletter.

We, the lying press

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Journalists aren't lying to anyone. But our industry needs to stop deceiving itself – or it'll go under.


The banality of death

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It is only tolerable when we do not call it by name. We tame death without ever being able to master it.


Quidam dicunt

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“Some say” – A Latin introduction to a specific argument and how it came to shape our culture of debate.


The House of None

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A single house of worship for a common God? In the capital of atheism? Berlin proves that its ambitious projects extend well beyond new airports and hosting the Olympics.


Yara Zgheib


Aristotle at afternoon tea

“… the artistic and contemplative construction of a world more real than reality itself.” – Oscar Wilde

A column on philosophy and culture, politics and art…. just a smart conversation over afternoon tea.

On Art and War

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Art cannot be defined, regulated, or homogenized. It is a testimony to the history that precedes it, the environment that molds it, and the events that inspire it.


Nikolas Papageorgiou


Thinking Europe

There is no place like Europe: a single market, a common citizenship and a whole lot of muddling through. This column is dedicated to the world´s laboratory for accumulating sovereignty – and to the continent where politicians’ ability to create problems often outstrips their ability to solve them.

The unspectacular Union

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From lobbyists to toasters: Why the EU is not as evil, opaque, or important as we think.


Stefano Casertano


As the Romans do

Rome is not just that place around the Vatican City. It’s also the eye of the storm in the midst of the eurocrisis. Emerging from some obscure twenty years of Berlusconi, hit by the longest period of stagnation in Europe – like it or not, Italy is where the destiny of the common currency is being decided. “St. Peter’s Version” explains what is moving in and around the Eternal City – and how what happens in Rome will affect Europe as a whole.

A new Italian Renaissance?

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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi seems to be on the right track. But more reforms are needed besides changing the infamous Articolo 18.


Out with the old, in with the new

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Berlusconi may still be able to tiptoe around his current legal problems, but this time his political career is finished. What comes next has the chance to rescue the Italian economy.


Ilyas Saliba


Tales of Arabian Nights and Days

A column on politics and societies in the Middle-East. Featuring stories from the region and comments on current political developments in the post-Arab-Spring context. The upcoming contributions in this column will look closer at specific developments and countries in the region.

Arab autumn

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Four years after the uprisings that swept across the Arab world, we are left with consolidated dictatorship, outright civil war or failed states.


Picking up the pieces

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What is the legacy of the Arab Spring?

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