We should not regard aging as a fact of life. Aubrey de Grey


Vincent-Immanuel Herr


Who, If Not Us?

The Young European Collective is a group of Europeans from different countries, backgrounds, and perspectives. Each week, one member will voice a unique viewpoint on a topic from a variety of social, political, and cultural developments and aspects of life in Europe. The activities of the group are funded by Stiftung Mercator.

More Feminists

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Women’s equality is directly linked to Europe’s overall well-being. Only by overcoming gender inequality can we truly lay the foundations for the continent’s future.



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We do hold a responsibility to remember about the dark past of Nazism. However, this is not for Germans only to shoulder this responsibility in the form of national guilt.


Yara Zgheib


Aristotle at afternoon tea

“… the artistic and contemplative construction of a world more real than reality itself.” – Oscar Wilde

A column on philosophy and culture, politics and art…. just a smart conversation over afternoon tea.

On Tinted Glasses

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Our vision of the world is dictated by our perspective. What if that perspective gets skewed?


Maintaining order

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Governments ask conformity in exchange for safety. It is a transaction we cannot accept.


The Madness Equilibrium

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John Nash devised a supremely rational, Nobel Prize-winning model. He was also a supremely irrational man. How can this be?


The Fabric of our Society

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Today, fashion is a mass-produced commodity. This makes us forget that what we wear used to be a political statement – and could once again be an instrument of change.


Jesse Van Mouwerik


Top Culture

Analyzing where foreign policy, social change, and popular culture overlap.

The Politics of Prejudice around the “Agreekment”

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A look at attitudes about Greece.


Democratic Default?

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Greece’s endless eleventh hour agreements and continued resistance to bailout package terms have many wondering what next steps the country should take.


The Decline of Money

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Screwy economic realities have lead to more and more young people prioritizing living standards over wealth.


Could a Little Tyranny Actually be Good?

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Freedom has a cost. Unfortunately that cost is often freedom.


Lars Mensel


Network effects

A column about the internet, technology, and everything that happens in between.


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During the Greek crisis, protest has migrated online. But who is listening?


Steeping in our own realities

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There will inevitably come a point when you lose track of progress. Better to accept it now.


He’s got the look

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Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis came for finance talks and made the fashion pages. Why are we so surprised when someone couples a fresh approach with a different look?


Candid Camera

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Should police officers wear cameras to clarify cases like that in Ferguson? I don’t think so.


Alexander Görlach



Alexanderplatz – one of Berlin’s central squares, and the column of the Editor-in-Chief. Alexander Görlach writes about politics, culture and the course of human progress.

The wrong vote

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Yesterday, stubborn people made an erroneous choice because they are mislead enough to ignore the fact that their corrupt and inefficient domestic system is breaking their backs – and not an evil-spirited Europe.


Who knows about the Internet?

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While Torsten Albig is having success within the SPD with abstruse ideas regarding the Internet, the Union is becoming a party of digital Titans. Philipp Mißfelder will advise the Internet star Peter Thiel in the future.


A dangerous fantasy

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The Occident is neither a state nor a community but a simple narrative – one that is often misused


Splendid desperation

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The weakness and desperation of Nigel Farage’s claims are the strongest arguments for Britain to stay in the EU.


Juliane Mendelsohn


On the Verge

Dear Mr Fukuyama, I have a problem with the fact that history has ended…
This column looks at the state of the European Dream and the law, politics and ideology of a post-2008 world.

Three creditors and a joker

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The game being played around the Greek crisis lays bare the failings of an entire political class.


On Risks and Wrongs

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Calculatung risks, we really only have three options: mitigate, eradicate, accept. But what to choose when it comes to the incredibly tragic risk of a depressed pilot?


“Hope won“

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Alexis Tsipras’ victory is the first sign of courageous and uncompromising politics that we have seen in years. The Greeks have voted in favor of Europe.


Uncertain Silver Linings

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Unlike other European politicians, Alexis Tspiras may not be making empty promises. He may actually present a chance for real change. Radical change.

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