UKIP does not represent the majority of the British population. John Major


Yara Zgheib


Aristotle at afternoon tea

“… the artistic and contemplative construction of a world more real than reality itself.” – Oscar Wilde

A column on philosophy and culture, politics and art…. just a smart conversation over afternoon tea.

The Fabric of our Society

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Today, fashion is a mass-produced commodity. This makes us forget that what we wear used to be a political statement – and could once again be an instrument of change.


How to Take Over a Country

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Our columnist has done her research: This is the guide to modern world domination.


Stylia Kampani


Who, If Not Us?

The Young European Collective is a group of Europeans from different countries, backgrounds, and perspectives. Each week, one member will voice a unique viewpoint on a topic from a variety of social, political, and cultural developments and aspects of life in Europe. The activities of the group are funded by Stiftung Mercator.

We Need to Talk

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German-Greek relations need fixing. While governments seek to repair them on the political stage, societal-level exchange programs are needed to break through negative media coverage and bring Germans and Greeks closer together.


A morbid formula

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Only war and hatred tend to give way to progress and cooperation. 70 years after the end of WWII, we need to break with this paradigm.



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Young people struggle to make themselves heard in Europe. In order to stop the spread of apathy, we need to teach them how to engage.


Stefano Casertano


As the Romans do

Rome is not just that place around the Vatican City. It’s also the eye of the storm in the midst of the eurocrisis. Emerging from some obscure twenty years of Berlusconi, hit by the longest period of stagnation in Europe – like it or not, Italy is where the destiny of the common currency is being decided. “St. Peter’s Version” explains what is moving in and around the Eternal City – and how what happens in Rome will affect Europe as a whole.

A New Italy?

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Italy’s government is celebrating the country’s recent economic growth, but not all indicators point to success. What happens in the future will depend on how solidly Renzi can prevent the “Berlusconization” of today’s political culture in Italy.


Just How Stable Is Mr. Renzi?

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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is bringing stability to Italy with his grand coalition and electoral reforms. But how long will it last?


The Elephant in the Room

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Lamentations about the state of the Italian economy have become so commonplace, Italians barely react to them. But Italy’s public debt problem has proven big enough to make a splash.


The Battle Against Uber

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Roman taxi drivers are competing for business against Uber. Is the online service the future of the market or should it be regulated? The struggle is representative of Italy's wider issue of conservatism against progression.


Riva-Melissa Tez


How Not to Die 101

The journal of one philosopher’s attempt to safeguard the world from mimetic belief.

Thinking inside the box

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We would do better for the world spreading critical reasoning tools and mechanisms than raising endless sums of capital to be fluttered around.


The unnecessary evil

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What if your inaction is to blame for the death of your loved ones?


A thing of beauty

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Why we find beauty where we least expect it.


How we killed complexity

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Should we be shocked that people believe irrational things? Not really. We bombard children with information before we teach them how to think critically. It’s a daily mass murder of malleable mindsets.


Jesse Van Mouwerik


Top Culture

Analyzing where foreign policy, social change, and popular culture overlap.

Game of Groans

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Elections in the United Kingdom have been disappointing for nearly everyone.


From Stocks and Bonds to Threats and Bombs

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Reluctance aside, the world still needs an American superpower.


Unpopular Sovereignty – Part 2

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Our best hope for proper civic engagement is state sovereignty. But many confuse it with a dangerous sense of nationalism.


Unpopular Sovereignty – Part 1

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Nationhood, and the way we perceive it, is potentially the most controversial topic of the 21st century.


Juliane Mendelsohn


On the Verge

Dear Mr Fukuyama, I have a problem with the fact that history has ended…
This column looks at the state of the European Dream and the law, politics and ideology of a post-2008 world.

On Risks and Wrongs

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Calculatung risks, we really only have three options: mitigate, eradicate, accept. But what to choose when it comes to the incredibly tragic risk of a depressed pilot?


“Hope won“

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Alexis Tsipras’ victory is the first sign of courageous and uncompromising politics that we have seen in years. The Greeks have voted in favor of Europe.


Uncertain Silver Linings

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Unlike other European politicians, Alexis Tspiras may not be making empty promises. He may actually present a chance for real change. Radical change.


Heartache and Hot Dogs

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2014 is the year of historical landmarks. But rather than commemorating tragedies, countries across Europe organize shallow spectacles.

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