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The 10 Most Political Moments at this year's Academy Awards

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Including Feminist Fashion Statements™, a moving speech on race, and an invitation to be weird.


Fashionable feminism

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On a questionable trend.


Jesse Van Mouwerik


Top Culture

Analyzing where foreign policy, social change, and popular culture overlap.

Both sides now

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We need to have more empathy for people that suffer from addiction, as well as more appreciation for the people who do the dirty work of enforcing drug laws.


Why are we Isolating Russia Again?

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Perhaps a more distant Russia is not a good thing.


Grey Currency

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Aging populations are both a blessing and a curse. What will our world look like when old age becomes the norm?


England Prevails?

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Britain’s lukewarm approach to the European Union has done it more harm than either full integration or an outright departure ever could.


Alexander Görlach



Alexanderplatz – one of Berlin’s central squares, and the column of the Editor-in-Chief. Alexander Görlach writes about politics, culture and the course of human progress.

A dangerous fantasy

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The Occident is neither a state nor a community but a simple narrative – one that is often misused


Splendid desperation

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The weakness and desperation of Nigel Farage’s claims are the strongest arguments for Britain to stay in the EU.


Brotherly Advice

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What Islam is lacking is neither Reformation nor an Enlightenment. Rather, there are two neglected measures that could make Islam sustainable for the future. The model has already been tested in the Christian world.


Only God forgives

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Through acts of terror, militant Islamists want to avenge God but commit idolatry instead.


Maximilian Stern


Democracy, updated

Moving from ancient Greece’s agoras to Silicon Valley’s incubators, our democracy could use some entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation. But twiddling the knobs of our society is neither straightforward nor without risk.

Internet Ergo Sum

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The nation state is the single most important source of identification in our societies. The Internet is not the first to challenge its concept, but it's probably the most successful.


Who runs the Internet?

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The Internet as we know it has come under threat. As governments and large corporations poise themselves to take control, the question is: What can we as individual users do?


HiRes democracy

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Instead of adapting our democracy to new circumstances and insights, we’re trying to organize it with the 1989 Game Boy because we use the 2014 iPad to watch cat videos.


Martin Eiermann


Share Alike

“There are some who are in darkness / And the others are in light / And you see the ones in brightness / Those in darkness drop from sight.” (B. Brecht)

In Defense of Mainstream Journalism

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It takes significant resources and good lawyers to do some of the best public interest journalism. Traditional media organizations are not the only entities capable of providing this service, but they remain uniquely positioned to do so.


Monster wanted

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The Japanese monster “Godzilla“ once anticipated the fears and risks of a whole century. Who could fill its shoes?


A better tomorrow

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Today’s ethics of responsibility is deeply individualized.


A political problem

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Despite all warnings, it took an infection on American soil for the West to respond to Ebola. The virus is much more than just a medical challenge.


Julia Korbik


Berlin Bears

Stories, people and impressions from the Berlin International Film Festival (“Berlinale”).

Janusz works, Olga throws up

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With “Body”, Małgorzata Szumowska succeeded in making a small, touching movie about how we use our bodies to handle certain things.


Breathless through the night

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Sebastian Schipper’s “Victoria” is a stunner, a breathless Berlin tour-de-force.


Alone together

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Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay face their past as a married couple in “45 Years”.


Lost in the Arctic

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The Berlinale’s opening film “Nobody Wants The Night”, despite a spectacular cast and gorgeous cinematography, turned out rather pale.

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